Monday, August 4, 2014

Who Does She Think She Is?

Don't think me conceited. Anyone who knows me well will tell you this is not one of my faults.
Even still, I feel compelled to add this preface.
Prophet. Pastor. Who does she think she is claiming these titles for herself?
But I do not claim them for myself.
I have been claimed.
I have been called.
Like so many before me.
Like so many beside me.
It is a calling toward and within community.
And yet, my calling remains unique to me, the details of which have yet to be revealed and realized in full.

My calling--like life--is a journey of next steps.
I must take them, one at a time.
The most recent ones have included our move to Pennsylvania and my applying to spiritual director training.

If you'd have asked me in the not-so-distant past if I would ever live north of the Mason-Dixon line and/or entertain thoughts of becoming a spiritual director, you'd have been quickly dismissed.

And yet, here I am. Making home up north. Pursuing spiritual direction. Taking steps.

This blog is another such step.

As I find myself currently without a position of employment, I also find myself without an outlet for sharing my insights and ideas. I'm a pastor without a pulpit. I'm a prophet without a public.

So, I turn to blogging to you in this season of transition. I hope for this to be a creative space for me to share my journey, my ponderings, my sermons (of sorts), my prayers with you.  And for you, in turn, to do the same.

I am challenging myself to write something on here every day, as a kind of discipline that comes with community and accountability.

I hope you will come back often. More substance tomorrow.

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